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Arve Global Convertible Fund is an open-end investment fund incorporated in Luxembourg. The fund’s objective is to achieve an increase in value through capital gains and interest income under consideration of the investment risks. The fund is actively managed.  Arve Global Convertible Fund invests mainly in convertible, exchangeable and warrant-linked bonds globally. The emphasis is on diversification, convexity and active management. The fund has a defensive orientation and focuses on liquidity and protection: at least 70% of the assets are invested in securities of investment grade quality (including internal ratings). The average rating of Arve Global Convertible Fund is at least BBB-. Synthetic convertibles or non product-related instruments are not used. An investment involves risks. Please read the prospectus and key information document (KID) before making any final investment decision.

There are FX-hedged CHF, EUR and USD share classes available.


Taking into account the ESG strategy of the investment advisor and the management company as well as the
fund manager, ESG criteria, especially sustainability risks, will be one of the criteria for this fund taken into account in the investment decision-making process. Under total risk and return aspects and the consideration of exclusions, the decision which criteria will be ultimately decisive rests with the fund manager.
The fund manager does not currently take into account the adverse effects of investment decisions on sustainability factors for this fund. The relevant data for determination and weighting of the negative sustainability effects are not available in the market to a sufficient extent. From December 30, 2022 at the latest, the fund manager provides information on whether and how the major adverse effects of investment decisions on sustainability factors are taken into account.
It should be noted that the fund does not aim to be a sustainable investment and that the investments underlying this fund do not consider the EU criteria for environmentally sustainable business activities according to Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 and Regulation (EU) 2020/852 to be binding. The fund does not pursue a dedicated ESG strategy.

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